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Palm Springs Art Festival, February 2020

Sandy P. from Los Angeles, CA says, "I discovered ThrogArt at an Art & Wine Festival in the Little Italy section of San Diego. WOW! The colors, the lines, the subject matter... it just spoke to me! I wouldn't say I was an art collector but I do buy art that makes a statement and reflects my style. I took one canvas home that day and have added 2 more since. I get a lot of compliments but best of all... They MAKE ME HAPPY!

If you are looking at Jim's art and thinking that you would like to own a piece, all I can say is that you might not "need" it, but you DEFINITELY SHOULD have at least one! I chose the "Cats on a Stool" as my first piece and have added 2 more "cat" pieces and I don't even like cats! I just love these cats, their personalities and the mid-century vibe that I enjoy.

For me it wasn't that I "needed" it, it was that I 'DESERVE" it! I think you do too!"

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