FAQ about Art Prints

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are "Limited Edition" Art Prints More Valuable than "open edition" prints?
    A "limited edition" Art print is a print made from one original for a set number of copies. Most fine artists produce only limited editions (not "open editions"), usually signed by the artist in pencil. ThrogArt Limited Edition prints are signed by the artist.  Numbering begins with 1 and is sequential through the last print made which would be 50. Your print will be numbered 1/50.
    EX: 15/50 would mean that you own the 15th print and the 50 represents the total print run. 
    "Limited Editions" tend to be worth more than "open editions" due to the limited numbers that will ever be available.

  2. Are "Open Edition" Art Prints Worth Anything?
    "Open Edition" Art prints are usually produced in a similar manner as the limited edition prints but they are not limited in the number made and usually have no numbering (it could be to infinity) and normally are unsigned by the artist.  They are often produced on a lower-quality canvas or paper than Limited Editions.
    These tend to be low value. They can be printed for many years over and over (i.e. Mass-Marketed) increasing your chances of seeing "your" art all over the place.

  3. What are "Signed" Prints? 
    "Signed" prints are actually signed by the artist and usually are part of a limited edition print run.  ThrogArt Art Prints are all personally signed by Artist Jim Throgmorton. We want to be sure that you are receiving the quality that you deserve and to give you the confidence that you have purchased a true "Limited Edition".

  4. Are "Artists Proofs" More Valuable Than Limited Edition Art Prints?
    ThrogArt "Artist Proofs" are  part of a limited edition print run of 1-5 prints. They are  the results of test prints by the artist to ensure that the larger print run will be to a quality they expect in subsequent prints for the numbered editions. 
    Artist proofs are usually worth more than the limited edition signed editions of art prints as they can have characteristics that can make them quite unique, much like an original artwork.
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