30% + SALE thru 12/31/20


We heard you... about how this pandemic has impacted your decorating plans - and not in a good way!   "Staying in" has in incentivized many of us to take a look around and decide that we need a change.  The problems are  ... "Where do we find something original and unique?"    "Art galleries are closed or, if they are open, I don't want to go out."  "Everything I see on line looks like what I already have."  

So many calls and emails have asked how to buy ThrogArt art without leaving home. 
Here is our answer:  Now you can choose from a FULL inventory of ThrogArt numbered, limited edition, artist signed giclee ART PRINTS on either canvas or artist paper!

"We we are tired of COVID too so we thought... Why not offer a discount now so our fans can enjoy their art during the holidays?!"  

Limited Time Offer : "30% + SALE"
On All Numbered, Limited Edition, Artist Signed, Giclee Art Prints

1. Browse through the ThrogArt inventory

2. Order online (or call us at 760-895-1518 )

3. VISA, MC, AMX, DISCOVER are accepted

4. FedEx. Shipping is FREE

5. Orders are processed within 72 hours

6. AND we stay in touch throughout the process.


We have a full-time INTERIOR DESIGNER on staff to help you decide on sizes, placement, etc. Just call 941-779-3943 and ask for DJ. She will be thrilled to assist you. 

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